Shrink Film


  • High performance shrink film with improved formula.
  • High resistance and weight capacity.
  • High yield per roll…Can obtain a fixed number of packages for your production line.
  • Substitutes the pallet´s cardboard…Steadiness, stability and safety for your pallet.
  • Don´t buy pounds, obtain length quality.
  • No problem when marking production batches, or dates.
  • Ideal for identifying losses or low rotation—material is pigmented according to customer´s needs.
  • We look after your product´s image—flexo graphic priting quality in 4 colors (soon to include 6).

Highly suitable in the following applications and industries

  • Bottling companies.
  • Assembly plants.
  • Cans and Bottles.
  • Buckets (plastic and glass).
  • Promotional (advertising) articles.
  • Cardboard boxes  (as safety, security seal).