Company´s Backing

Our plant is structured in three operative categories:


extrusion We have a capacity of 225 Tons/month (HDPE & LDPE).  Our valve bags can be extruded in 2 different machines.  We have 3 productions shifts during the 365 days of the year.


bolseoOur production capacity can exceed 120 tons per month.  We have 2 valve bag lines, which can manufacture more than 1.2 million pieces/month (over 70 tons per month).  If needed, our lines can be in full operation with 2 or 3 shifts.


impresionWe have 2 flexographic printing machines with 4 color processing (soon to be expanded to 6), and 3 production shifts during the 365 days of the year, which gives us a printing capacity that exceeds 120 tons/month.