Commercial Plastic Bags

Kfresh Bag Commercial Line

  • Specialized designed bag to help preserve fruits and vegetables longer. Unique formula slows down the natural decaying process by absorbing the ethylene gas that produce gives off.  Special, non toxic additive that extends food´s freshness.  Store fruits and vegetables in these special bags, and they´ll stay lovely and fresh longer!!

Kfresh Bag Benefits

  • Fewer losses and and higher selling price due to product´s preservation (better Image)
  • Preserves, conserves products´ properties (texture, flavor, nutritional value, weight).
  • Freight savings…Long trajectories can be covered by sea or highways.


Domestic Use—Commercial bag:
Frequent Measurements:

9.75” x 15.75”….Weight capacity of 5 lbs.  (10 rolls, 200 bags/each)
15.75” x 23.50”…..Weight capacity of 9 lbs (10 rolls, 100 bags/each)


Institucional Use and Industrial:

Liner….These bags are placed inside cardboard or plastic boxes, where the food is transported (carried, shipped)…..15.75” + 23.50” x 27.50”—each pack has 250 pieces.

Films and pre-cut sheets in custom sizes.  It´s inserted between the product´s plies, or inside cardboard boxes.  Once filled with product, the edges are folded to protect it.

Pre-cut film….29.5” x 47.25”, roll with 500 sheets..

Film is 35.25” Wide, 1640 feet roll.